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​​I made my batch of CBD Balm and I LOVE IT! My clients love this stuff!- Diane Counts

I purchased a set of obsidian tools from Monique and I could not be more pleased. The craftsmanship is beautiful, they are thoughtfully designed and energetically ideal. I treasure them and they’ve taken my collection of healing tools to a higher level.- Joanna Mikhailova

I went through the Understanding Healing Cycles and I’ve never had those 5 main cycles explained so easily. Was a wonderful breakdown and you can really choose which one (or more) you want to delve deeper into. Thank you!- Barb Connell

Attended the CBD class and I learned so much on how to make my own balm and understanding of CBD itself and how it affects the body. She is so knowledgeable I am ready for her next class!- Leslie Salgado

I head an excellent experience. Learned a lot of valuable information that resonated on a deep level. I would love to have her come to Standing Rock to teach a session here. Would recommend this to any one.- Winona Flyingearth