​​I made my batch of CBD Balm and I LOVE IT! My clients love this stuff!- Diane Counts

I purchased a set of obsidian tools from Monique and I could not be more pleased. The craftsmanship is beautiful, they are thoughtfully designed and energetically ideal. I treasure them and they’ve taken my collection of healing tools to a higher level.- Joanna Mikhailova

I went through the Understanding Healing Cycles and I’ve never had those 5 main cycles explained so easily. Was a wonderful breakdown and you can really choose which one (or more) you want to delve deeper into. Thank you!- Barb Connell

Attended the CBD class and I learned so much on how to make my own balm and understanding of CBD itself and how it affects the body. She is so knowledgeable I am ready for her next class!- Leslie Salgado

I had an excellent experience. Learned a lot of valuable information that resonated on a deep level. I would love to have her come to Standing Rock to teach a session here. Would recommend this to any one.- Winona Flyingearth

Monique is healing in both presence and skill. she is deeply passionate for her craft, relieving distress and offering healing naturally. From my back pain, head colds, brain fog, jet lag to anxiety and emotional unrest.  I feel Monique has been an important part of my health for the last 5 years. She's warm, approachable and open minded. I trust Monique with my health needs and often my first stop when I need care.- Denise Onofrey   

I absolutely love the little hammer tool and how versatile it is. Initially I was uncertain about using a tool verse my hands, due to feel and how it would feel on my clients. I no longer have a doubt about it. It's like an extension of my hand and my clients love it. Total game changer! My plan is to own the entire collection!- Antonia Bartecchi

I love your tools! They save my hands! They feel much better than the metal tools. Thank you so much!- Brenda Bodywork


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