Thai Massage Seminars 

She began her professional massage career after she received her Associates of Occupational Studies from Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2006. Prior to becoming a Massaged Therapist, she was a community Reflexologist & herbalist working with community counselors and activists. She compiled data from her own case studies on the effectiveness of Reflexology on the autoimmune system and arthritis. Her findings led her to become a certified Massage Therapist and compelled her to further explore manual therapy which stimulates the body’s natural healing processes.

In 2012 she took her first journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand and studied Traditional Thai Massage Therapy at the Massage School of Health. She became passionate about learning Thai Energy Lines and Acupressure Points so much so that it led her decision to become a certified teacher of Thai Massage in Chiang, Mai Thailand. Since then, she has taught students in Chiang Mai and hosted workshops in Mexico. Currently, she designs online courses and live workshops that integrate both Western and Eastern technique with respect to historical as well as cultural origin.

In 2011 Monique became interested in Ayurveda and the self-healing aspects of the Integumentary System, skin. She became a Certified Esthetician which taught her about the structure of the skin, its direct correlation with the Lymphatic System and ingredient chemistry while using peptides. She currently is developing an advanced esthetician curriculum utilizing her Lymphatic Drainage Certification and Advanced Neuromuscular Certification she received with her AOS.

Her Journey has led her around the globe and back home to her own cultural roots. Presently, she is exploring her familial background in both New Mexico and Mexico as indigenous healers and earth keepers. She has deep connections with Mexico City and the Sacred site of Teotihuacan by the friendships she maintains with local artisans. Presently, Monique has designed her own massage tools which are carved by a family living at the foot of Teotihuacan. She plans on releasing ongoing acupressure courses using those tools.

While all her studies and travel have been deeply satisfying, her passion still lies with assisting clients with rehabilitation and injury recovery. She owns a small Medical Massage Practice in Lakewood, CO where her clients receive Lymphatic Massage integrated with other advanced techniques that include Trauma Touch Therapy, a therapy that promotes cellular trauma healing. She remains true to her roots by keeping a practice small while concentrating on assisting other manual therapists to become proficient and healthy within their own practice through implementing techniques that increase the longevity of their career.


About Us!

Monique Ortega is the Lead instructor/creator at Medical Massage and Wellness Training. Much of her practical education is drawn from her Medical Massage experience of 14 years, working alongside Physicians, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Counselors. Her exploration of self, bodywork and curiosity to know the origins of manual therapy has taken her around the globe.

​​ Thai Massage Seminars & Medical Massage Training is a Continuing Education Provider with NCBTMB.  We are dedicated to providing practical advanced technique which promote manual therapy effectiveness as well as practitioner career longevity.  Our live classes and workshops are unique in that we offer opportunities to learn a variety of modalities from various teachers/practitioners.  Our continuing education course studies are formatted t0 allow practitioners to integrate technique development into individual style.  Monique Ortega is the lead instructor who develops relationships with master teachers from around the world to bring you original healing methods that are combined into safe, practitioner scope of practice manual therapy courses and workshops.  We are proud to support communities, families and bodyworkers from around the world.