Thai Massage Seminars 


Level I     $295  

Level II    $395

Level III   $495

Level I (3 day)  $195

LEVEL I Foot Reflexology (5 Days) 30 CLOCK HOURS

Prerequisite: None

Introduction to Eastern Theory Foot Reflexology focuses on the importance  basics of organ placement, correct positioning, posture and breath.  Developing sense of touch and techniques working with tools including basic Thai Foot Massage techniques.

LEVEL I Foot Reflexology (3 Days) 21 CLOCK HOURS

Level I Foot Massage mini course  offers an accelerated option.  All of the materials and content of a five day course but with less class time.  Excellent course for an experienced body worker who needs to obtain continuing education credit with limited time to train.


LEVEL II Foot Reflexology (5 Days) 30 CLOCK HOURS

Prerequisite: Level I

Level II Foot Reflexology offers a continuation of knowledge of Organ placement with further explanation of function and Eastern energy Theory.  Continue to develop sense of touch while incorporating acupressure point sequences for specific issues.  Incorporation of further Thai Massage techniques will be confidently practiced while introducing Basic Thai Sen Energy lines.   

LEVEL III Foot Reflexology 30 CLOCK HOURS

Prerequisite: Level II

Level III Foot Reflexology is a Master of Reflexology certification which requires 25 hours of case studies to be completed within a 12 month period. The remaining 5 hours are in private session with instructor to assist in developing master skills.

Foot Reflexology