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The Little Hammer is a powerful tool you hold gently in the palm of your hand. It saves your hands and body from fatigue while allowing easy deep tissue release. Its edge offers the ability to circulate blood into tired or eschemic muscles. The corner edge is excellent for acupressure or trigger point work. The flat surface can be used to draw heat as a hot stone.

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General Instruction

Our Obsidian Massage Tools are carved in the sacred city of Teotihuacan. Each tool is unique with specific purpose designed by Monique Ortega. You may order tools, along with basic instruction included with purchase.

NOTE: Tools are sometimes readily available but at times have to be made to order. Expect tools to take between 2weeks and one month to be delivered. These are not mass produced and made specifically for you.   Shipping is included. NO RETURNS. 

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       "The Little Hammer"