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    Obsidian   "Dedos" (Fingers) 

Set of 3 Moon shaped obsidian wedges graduate in size. Designed to work in between the vertebrae and sacrum. These tools save your fingers by getting into and under hard to reach therapy points. Excellent for neck, rib and scapula work. Can be used for hot stone lay out as well.

Only 2 readily available

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General Video Instruction

​​The Little Hammer is a powerful tool you hold gently in the palm of your hand. It saves your hands and body from fatigue while allowing easy deep tissue release. Its excellent for myofascial release and pin/stretch techniques. Its edge offers the ability to circulate blood into tired or eschemic muscles. The corner edge is excellent for acupressure or trigger point work. The flat surface can be used to draw heat and soften muscles as a hot stone.

Only 2 readily available

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General Video Instruction

       "The Little Hammer"

Our Obsidian Massage Tools are carved in the sacred city of Teotihuacan, Mexico. Each tool is unique with specific purpose designed by Monique Ortega. You may order tools, along with basic instruction included with purchase.


​​Massage Tools

       "Medio Luna" Half Moon

This set of 5 "Dedos" have graduating tips which allow you multiple use. They warm like hot stones. They work amazing for soft tissue techniques like cross fiber. These far reaching tools work into small spaces where fingers cant go, working ligament & tendons. They save your thumbs when doing trigger point and acupressure therapy. Obsidian energetically opens up channels like Thai Sen lines or TCM meridians. 

Only 5 sets readily available

$ 130  Includes Shipping &

General Video Instruction

Monique's tools are one of my favorite part of her massage. The pressure from her tools are just right to release specific muscles and precise locations on my back or neck. I'm amazed at how these tools feel and often don't reflect on how they look. They get into difficult places like under my shoulder blades. Mostly I am so glad to have such an experienced practitioner who is so skilled with these amazing tools!

​- R. Wimmer

My sessions are always great and am always looking forward to the next. Monique's use of obsidian tools has really loosened and opened painful, tight spaces to give my body relief. I feel an incredible increase in blood flow!

​- L. Hill 

I purchased a set of obsidian tools from Monique and I could not be more pleased. The craftsmanship is beautiful, they are thoughtfully designed and energetically ideal. I treasure them and they’ve taken my collection of healing tools to a higher level.- Joanna Mikhailova