If you have ever wondered about  how energy cycles  effect your life and business, this is the mini course for you! Its designed for bodyworkers, massage therapists or holistic health providers using personal experience as well as my own private Medical Massage practice of 16 years.

I give all the info on how  I bring abundance, affective client treatments and personal well being by utilizing cycles of the earth. I provide unique resources and method to create your own cycle observations.

This course has a multitude of use and benefit which include:

- Personal & Business Awareness

- Creating Abundance

- Creating The Right Client Base

​- Creating Personal Wellness

- Creating Effective Bodywork Sessions

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Combine Thai CBD Therapeutic Balm Course AND CBD Massage 101 Course to set your practice apart from other Massage therapists. Gain first hand knowledge of how to make your own balm to the biochemistry of how it works. A unique certificate which gives you the confidence of use, cut the red tape and convey  expertise to answer your clients questions.   

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Online Courses

Make your Massage practice distinct by providing a unique quality massage service backed by professional knowledge:



-Drug interactions

-Safe application,

- Biochemistry

- Insurance 

All the details necessary to help your clients use CBD.

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Online Fundamentals of Acupressure


If you ever wondered about acupressure and are curious to know how the fundamentals could make your professional massage life easier.......this is your class!

- Acupressure Soft Tissue Preparation
- Technique & Application
- Common Acupressure Combinations

- Fundamental Chinese & Thai Energy Lines

- Ligament & Tendon Treatment
- Safety & Precautions

Learn fundamentals of acupressure as well as protocols unique to rehabilitation medical massage. 

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Practical Lymphatic Drainage Massage 101 ​ (Vodder Method)

$89   (3.5 Hours CEU's)

Learn how to perform basic Lymphatic Massage with demonstrative videos that give instruction with hands on routine and narrative. Practical Lymphatic Drainage Massage 101 outlines the contraindication and indications of the upper head, neck and shoulders; necessary to implement Lymphatic Massage into your practice. Gain understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the Lymphatic system and its role in the Circulatory System/Immunity. Learn specific techniques and massage routines that teach you how to stimulate the immune system. Add value to your clients experience and financial value to your practice. Recieve 3.5 CEU & a certificate of completion.

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The Online class includes a short video demonstrating how to make general Thai Style Tiger Balm. The course and recipe are directly delivered to your email. The course is yours to keep, along with the recipe. Course includes instruction, precautions, ingredient properties and suggested use.

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Online CBD Massage 101


Online Thai CBD Therapeutic Balm Course


Thai Massage Seminars 

Online CBD Massage Therapy Master Class

​ $100   

Online Healing Hands Series: Understanding Healing Cycles